The Balancing Robot Project

The Balancing Robot Project

On this website, you will find teaching material for a robot project for middle school and high school students. The project aims at captivating students and giving them a first impression what automatic control is about – by making a small segway-style robot balance on its wheels!

Interested in knowing more? Have a look at the following videos at the bottom of this page to get a first impression!

The material contains videos, slides, lab instructions and a course overview. Keep in mind, that the version as for now is preliminary and work in progress.

In case you are interested in finding out more about the project, or would like to participate as a colleague, student or teacher, please contact me via email!

The project is supported by the IEEE CSS Outreach fund.

It is the result of a close collaboration between Damiano Varagnolo and Themis Charalambous.

Click here to see Alessandro’s video that was mentioned.